Thai Tattoos Spell Cause Man’s Skin to Harden

It has come to light that in a Thai cemetery a corpse that is partially decomposed has been uncovered and a strange thing relating possibly to a Thai tattoo or ‘Sak Yant’ tattoo. The authorities at the cemetery had unearthed this body during a clearing out of the area which lies near the border of Thailand / Laos at a town called Mukdahan. Now the odd thing is that only the skin was still in good condition, literally hanging off the dead skeleton in the grave. In fact, this caused such a sensation in the cemetery that people posed and took photos with the gruesome body which had skin still attached.


So let’s discuss more about the tribal bamboo Thai tattoo inkings that dozens of people have one that in fact casts a spell that means nothing can penetrate/get inside of the skin. So in this particular case it was a Sanskrit tribal writing and image (inking) of a tiger that allegedly meant and ensured that this man’s body was to stay in-tact and therefore was unable to rot. Is this a sign that this magic of Thai traditional tattoos actually works?

However, all is not a straightforward as it seems with this grizzly Thai tattoo story! It has been found that it might actually have been this strong skin he had that lead to his unfortunate passing. It has since been learned that because this man’s skin was impenetrable. He was unable to be operated on for a fata appendicitis due to his steely skin. Experts believe that it was the Sanskrit tribal magical writing and that picture of the tiger that prevented the skin from rotting away.


So in the case of a surgery that is not possible to cut due to the hardness of the skin in turn resulting in the man’s death, the question still remains today – Was this caused by the powers of the Sak Yant Thai tattoos or not? We asked a local monk in Thailand what he thought of this strange situation and said ‘I think that it was part of the magic of th tattoo because the doctor said he couldn’t perform the surgery because of the skin being too hard. It’s sad that this man had to die from such a thing but his soul will be in heaven now or reincarnated already’. We thanked the monk very much for his time and we will report on any other strange happenings in the tattoo world soon.